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Financial Planning with Your Future in Mind

Financial planning may be one of the most important investments you can make for your future. It’s easy enough to want to put it to the side, waiting until you have more time or money available. Yet, today may be the right time to get the support you need to create a financial plan. It’s the heart of what we do at Elefante Financial Services, building financial independence for each client. Please take a minute to explore this page and contact us to get started today.

Our Financial Planning Process

Defining Your Financial Objectives:

To understand what your needs and goals are to create a clear financial picture

Creating a Plan

To analyze your goals and resources

Developing Strategies:

To develop strategies and prioritize actions


To continually update your financial picture and revise the plan accordingly 

Ongoing Financial Planning Supports Your Changing World

Financial planning is not a set it and forget it process. It’s a dynamic process that is always changing to address current economic conditions as well as your changing needs and goals. Let us help you develop a financial plan that’s customized to fit your needs.

How WealthVisionSM Works

We use WealthVisionSM as a planning platform to create these objectives, goals, and strategies. It makes managing finances easier. It also enables better transparency, organization, and accessibility not just for your financial professional but for you, too. It’s completely adaptable to meet your needs and changing priorities for the future.

WealthVisionSM integrates financial planning and wealth management into one system. We work with you to create a comprehensive financial plan analysis to determine everything from cash flow projections to modeling for various scenarios. You can track everything within the system and manage your investments and documents in one place.

Work with our team to learn more about our financial planning tools and resources. Contact us now for more information.

Additional Items to Consider:

Take Control of Your Financial World

Your Personal Financial Management website makes it easy to manage both your wealth and your well-being.


Get Started Checklist

Prepare yourself for your first meeting. Before our first meeting, review the checklist below and get ready to see your financial world come to life!


Vault Checklist

With secure document storage, you
can organize and protect your most important
documents. Review the checklist below and start adding to your Vault today!