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Breast Cancer Awareness Month—Be Part of the Change

Breast Cancer Awareness Month—Be Part of the Change

October 04, 2021

Over the last few decades, we have become extremely driven towards fighting and ending cancer for good since the National Cancer Act was put into place in 1971. This October is Breast Cancer awareness month– in the Unites States, breast cancer has one of the highest cancer rates. Thanks to years of research, it is also one of the most successfully treatable cancers. But that doesn’t nearly satisfy the goal of not only treating cancer, but preventing it from happening period.

We have come a long way in Cancer Research, and will only continue to go further, until we have reached an end all conclusion for those who have lost an unimaginable battle, survived, who have been effected, and could be effected by this illness.

Take the time this month and beyond, to stay up to date with current research, facts, and prevention.


By donating to certain organizations such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, The National Breast Cancer Coalition–you can help further research actively involved in cancer prevention and finding a cure. Make sure before donating to a foundation, you are actively aware of how the company uses there donation money. The organizations listed above spend less than 20% of their money on fundraising (which is ideal). The majority of their funds go both to prevention research and current treatment.


Adjust your lifestyle, by taking precautionary measures to reduce your own risk– by regularly getting screened by a medical professional, avoiding smoking, maintain healthy eating habits, and exercise regularly. Keep yourself well informed by reading up on current facts regarding environmental, genetic, and other factors, by visiting websites such as American Cancer Society. Be your own advocate and lower your risk in any area you can.


Treatment is constantly changing with clinical trials, new breakthroughs, finding a problem with previous treatment options–which is why it is crucial to constantly be researching new facts, medical professionals, and just over all keeping an open conversation going on in order to find what works for you or your loved ones.

While the road to extinguishing cancer has been long and arduous, the strength and support of each and every individual matters so greatly. You may not be a scientist or a medical

professional, but your personal awareness, advocacy, and willingness to give any bit of knowledge, funding, and any means of support necessary, will aid in being a piece of this large-scale puzzle that longs to be solved.

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